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Bluecreeper Product line

When using other lubricants,
have you ever …

  • Ended up wasting penetrating oil?
  • Had a mess from overspray?
  • Inhaled the oil fog from aerosols?
  • Thought there was a better way?
  • Been concerned about safety?
  • Worried about the environment?

Bluecreeper is the answer to all of these questions and more. Our unique needle applicator puts Bluecreeper exactly where it is needed. There is no waste, no mess and no fumes. Our 1 oz precision oiler is equivalent to a full size aerosol can.

     Bluecreeper is a well designed, precisely applied complex synthetic multi-purpose lubricant. High tech formula in an easy to use bottle.

      Bluecreeper will penetrate, lubricate and prevent rust without having to buy three separate products. It doesnʼt need to dissolve styrofoam, remove bugs, crayon marks, or gum. It simply is the best penetrating and lubricating oil on the market.

Bluecreeper. Better, Faster and Safer!

  • Works on metal parts of all kinds
  • Works on plastic parts
  • Has high temp capabilities

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